Increase Website Traffic With These Website Traffic Tricks

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Learning to increase website traffic and getting more website traffic is the one single skill you must learn no matter what type of online business you have.

No matter what type of online business you have, you’re making money by selling something. Whether it’s a product or a service whether you created it or not, selling something is the way you make money.

So the more customers, in the form of website traffic, you get to your website the higher the potential to make money. That’s why learning how to increase website traffic is such an important skill.

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Once you learn how to drive website traffic you can make money in any online business you choose.

So, the big question is how do you generate loads of highly targeted, very qualified people to visit your website?

There are two methods to get website traffic:

  1. Free traffic through social media and blog posts (content marketing), etc.
  2. Paid traffic with Adwords, solo ads, etc.

Both will work if done right. Both have their pros and cons and both methods have a learning curve.

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Free Website Traffic

At first glance, especially if you’re just starting out with a tiny budget, this seems like a goldmine. An unlimited number of highly qualified visitors to your website for free.


Increase website traffic

But, not so fast. While free traffic from social media should be part of your traffic strategy mix there is something you need to be aware of when using it; it can take time to build an audience.

There are many ways to drive highly targeted free traffic online. Most of these methods revolve around using social media resources such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Or content marketing by creating helpful, niche specific content on a blog.

I’ve never really enjoyed being on social media a lot, it’s too “rabbit holey” for me. That means I tend to get sidetracked and spend way too much time looking at funny dog videos.

But, if you like spending time on social media, and if you learn how to do it the right way, this can be a fantastic way to generate all the traffic you need, no matter what niche or what type of online business you have.

This traffic works so well because you can pinpoint just the right people. Social media networks have an incredibly robust system in place to make it easy to find the perfect prospect.

Once you’ve found the right prospects all you have to do is get your message out to them.

Truthfully free traffic is free only in terms of not having to pay any money. You will need to pay with your time.

Still, building your free traffic resources is definitely worth the investment. It can drive consistent, highly targeted traffic for years to come. That’s why free traffic should always be part of your traffic strategy.

Paid Traffic

Paid website traffic has the double whammy of costing money and having a learning curve. Sometimes a steep learning curve depending on the type of paid traffic you’re using.

Adwords, what many people think of when thinking of paid traffic, has a very steep learning curve.

What’s really bad about that is that while you’re learning, you’re also paying. You can spend a boatload of money just perfecting your ads and targeting.

increase website traffic, website traffic

For most marketers, it’ll be a long time before they see a return on their investment with paid traffic.

For this reason you have to have a fairly big budget before you can reasonably start with paid traffic.

Of course, Adwords is just one form of paid traffic. You can also create Facebook ads.

This too has a bit of a learning curve but I didn’t find it as difficult as using Adwords.

Solo ads are another form of paid traffic. With most solo ads you have to come up with an ad. That’s part of the learning curve. What color should your ad be? What do you say in your ad?

There are a ton of elements that go into a successful ad, and it means trying different styles before finding the one that works.

I bought a solo ad about 10 years ago and spent $400. I really couldn’t afford it but I thought I would get a nice number of conversions so I was making an investment in my business.


I didn’t make a penny.

That scared me off of solo ads for a long time.

But I did find a company that was selling “solo ads” just not like the ones I had used in the past. The one difference I immediately noticed was that even though it was called a solo ad, I didn’t have to create an ad!

I just had to buy a traffic package and give them the url I wanted my traffic sent to. Within 48 hours or so I got traffic! You can check it out for yourself here.

NOTE: This traffic is only for the biz opp, work form home, internet marketing, affiliate marketing niches.

Where To Go From Here

Now you have a bit of an idea of how to increase website traffic. Here are the steps I would recommend:

  • Create profiles on all the major social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and add content to them regularly.
  • Create a blog and continually update it with fresh content. Add updates about your latest blog content to all your social media accounts. Link these updates back to your blog post or landing page.
  • Send traffic to an optin form and start building an email list – right from the start
  • Pick one form of paid traffic and master it. Start using it as a supplement to your free traffic as soon as you can.

In my experience, the best way to increase website traffic is to create a strategy that incorporates both paid and free traffic if you can.

The paid traffic is likely to give you results very quickly and possibly even allow you to make a little money while building up your free resources.

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