10 Insanely Smart Home Office Organization Ideas

Your home office is a place you are going to spend a lot of time. To work smarter and not harder, it’s important to keep your office organized. And, if you have a small space for your office, this is even more important!

The tips I’ve included in this article will help you get more organized, and will help you add some style to your office.

And the best part is these items don’t take a big budget!

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Start with these organizational tips:

Pick The Right Desk

The first part of any home office is a good desk. Choosing your desk based on style is fine, just don’t forget about storage too.

Choose a desk with drawers for added storage. To get even more storage options choose a desk with an attached hutch.

Not only will you have a roomy desk to work on, you will add tons of extra storage without taking up extra floor space!

Desk With Storage Hutch

Add Some Shelves

Adding shelves is another great idea to stay organized without taking up a lot of floor space.

Shelves can be a simple plank style all the way up to this amazing shelving system

Put A Pin In It

Using a cork board and / or a whiteboard is a great way to keep things in your line of sight (so you don’t forget them) but off your desktop.

Just make sure that you keep your board cleaned up and don’t leave it littered with notes from 3 months ago!

Use A Filing Cabinet

Ok, when you think of filing cabinets you think of ugly colors and ugly styles, right?

But, that doesn’t have to be the case.

You can get creative here. If you have an old trunk, cedar chest or even an unused nightstand you can create a stylish, effective filing cabinet that adds plenty of room for those important papers without making your office look like… well… an office!

Or, if you don’t want to spend the time creating your own, there are affordable, stylish filing cabinets ready to be filled….

Add Some Life

While strictly speaking this isn’t about organization but it is about keeping your office inviting.

Add a plant stand, pictures, throw rugs, etc. to make the space warm and inviting. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in there!

Mail Sorting Station

As a business owner you’re likely to get all kinds of mail, including junk, that needs to be sorted 6 days a week.

The best way to deal with all this paper is to create folders for incoming and outgoing mail.

Oh, and that junk mail? You know where to file that!

Set aside a day each week to pay the bills and empty your incoming mail folder so you’re ready to start fresh the next week.

Keep Your Desktop Clutter Free

A desk organizer doesn’t have to be an ugly, metal thing. There are many styles and sizes to choose from. Just pick one that is stylish and has a lot of options for storage. This vintage style desk organizer is perfect!

Don’t Forget The Trash Can

Sometimes the beset thing you can do to stay organized is to throw away everything you don’t really need.

That magazine from 3 years ago with the article about the thing that you haven’t gotten to yet? It’s time to recycle it.

How much of the paper lying around your office do you really need? If you need it file it in the appropriate file in your filing cabinet, otherwise toss it or recycle it!

And those papers with important information on them, like bank statements, shred them!

The Reach Test

Don’t waste your time everyday having to get up to grab something from the filing cabinet or a pair of scissors from across the room.

Do this first: Sit in your desk chair and make sure you can reach the most commonly used tools right from there.

If you can’t, do a little rearranging.

If you rarely need a file from your filing cabinet, no big deal if you have to get up (as a matter of fact, moving is good for you).

But if you are constantly getting up to grab a file from the filing cabinet across the room, your office isn’t as organized as it could be.

End Of Day Tidy-Up

At the end of each workday, take a few minutes to sort through everything you have accumulated on your desk and put it back where it belongs.

Nothing is worse than coming into your office in the morning and starting off with the mess from the day before!

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