7 Pro Tips For Newbie Affiliates

Just starting anything can be daunting. When you’re starting your affiliate marketing business you have a lot of different information coming from different directions.

Some of the info may be good, some of it bad but most will be a little of both.

How do you choose what advice to follow? How do you avoid getting so confused and overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing at all?

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One way is to take advice from professionals who’ve come before you, have gone through the same experiences you have and have created the successful business you want to create.

Here are some easy to follow tips from other pro affiliate marketers to help you avoid the most common pitfalls online:

  1. Add Value

    As an affiliate your number one goal is to drive traffic to your website so they can see your affiliate offers. But driving traffic can be time consuming and costly. Make sure you get a great bang for your buck by providing your visitor with so much value they keep coming back (and they’ll sign up for your email list too).

    So what’s “valuable?” That depends on your niche.

    Chances are you know quite a bit about your niche. What issues did you have when you first got involved in your niche?

    What tips, tools, info, etc. helped you?

    Whatever helped you will help your visitors in the same niche so give them those resources.

    If you’ve got a website on how to drive web traffic, then naturally giving them lots of great info they
    can use on how to get more traffic. That will be very valuable to your visitor!

    But, if you run a golf niche website, providing them with tips on how to choose a good set of clubs or how to sink that tricky putt is what they’ll consider valuable information.

    Bottom line: Give them what they want and they’ll come back for more.

    TOP TIP: Instead of focusing on “making money,” focus on genuinely helping your audience with whatever issues or questions they have. Help first and the money will follow!

  2. There Will NEVER Be A Perfect Time To Start

    Waiting until the “time is just right” is the fastest way to failure. The truth is the time will NEVER be just right.

    Life keeps moving ahead and we all experience ups and downs. There can always be a reason not to start.

    But, to be successful you have to start. Obvious, I know, but many people never start because they’re unsure and/ or have fear.

    We’ve all been in a situation where we needed to make a change at one time or another. We wanted something to change, we knew it needed to change but we hesitated out of fear. Whether ending a bad relationship, quitting a crappy job, starting our new workout routine, or whatever.

    Fear of failure and the resulting lack of action is why I took so long to get my own business off the ground.

    After all, if I never start than I can never fail, right?

    BUT, the opposite is also true – if I never start I can never SUCCEED!

    TOP TIP: Just start right now, right where you are. You’ll make mistakes, that’s fine. Just keep moving forward, keep learning and most of all – keep doing!

  3. Be Careful of the Picture In Your Head

    I think this is especially important online. Every time you turn around there is another so called expert trying to sell you something. They have a great sales pitch, whether it’s sales letter or video, that paints a picture of huuuuge success virtually instantly!!

    It’s easy to believe that success is just one course or one piece of software away.

    It’s easy to imagine that sending out that one email or creating one PPC campaign will be so successful that you’ll never have to look back.

    But life, and affiliate marketing, don’t work that way.

    The truth is that you can become as wealthy as you want an an affiliate. Since you can market products or services to people all over the world 24/7 the potential is enormous!

    But, it will take some time. If you go into your affiliate marketing career with such high expectations for overnight success, what will happen when you don’t get those results right away?

    You get discouraged. Then you procrastinate. And pretty soon you’re out of the business entirely.


    Because reality didn’t match the picture in your head.

    TOP TIP: That picture in your head is what you’re shooting for – it’s
    not what’s going to happen the first day. Like anything else, you work your way up – You get better. Your list gets bigger. Your website gets more traffic. You learn what works within your niche and what doesn’t.
    Keep at it, and soon reality matches the picture in your head!

  4. You’re Too Late

    I’ve heard this one many times. Many people think that there a too many affiliate marketers, that they should have started years ago. There’s no more room in the market.

    That’s wrong. There is more than enough room for anyone who wants to make money. The internet is still growing around the world. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone who wants to start.

    And remember, every successful affiliate marketer started where you are right now. No one starts at the top. Everyone had to start from scratch just like you are today!

    TOP TIP: The sooner you start, the sooner you can gain the knowledge and experience to be successful!

  5. Knowing and Doing Are Two VERY Different Things

    It’s very easy to get “analysis paralysis”. I did it when I first started. I consumed every bit of information on affiliate marketing I could find.

    I spent thousands (money I really didn’t have) and bought more courses or “shortcut” software products than I can remember.

    I absolutely loved learning new things about affiliate marketing. The problem was that I wasn’t DOING anything.

    I didn’t put that knowledge into practice.

    I knew a lot but I didn’t make a penny for a long time. That was because I didn’t do anything to use the knowledge I’d gained.

    TOP TIP: Gaining knowledge about affiliate marketing is the first step to build your business. BUT knowledge on it’s own is useless. The way to be successful is Knowledge + Action = Success

  6. Test Everything

    That means when you set up a pay per click (PPC) campaign, test it. Use different keywords, different bidding strategies. See which ones work best for your niche.

    When you build landing pages, test them. Try different colors, change the heading text, the body text. See which version gives you the best return on your investment.

    Test every aspect of your business, keep the winners, toss the losers. That will ensure that you are getting the best response possible. This is crucial no matter what traffic source you use, but even more important if and when you start buying traffic. When you’re paying for every click you need to make sure that a majority of those clicks will convert!

    TOP TIP: When testing anything ONLY test one element at a time. If you’re testing a landing page, just change the headline. Run your traffic to the page and compare your results from before you changed your heading. Keep the winning headline throw out the other. If you test multiple aspects at one time, you won’t know which one is responsible for the change. So test just one aspect at a time!

  7. Establish Trust – Become a Trusted Expert

    If you follow the advice in step 1 and add value to everything you do you are well on your way to establishing trust and becoming the go to expert in your niche.

    This applies to everything you do, whether it’s the information you impart, the products you offer, etc.

    The more consistently transparent and trustworthy you are, the more people will trust you when you suggest they make a purchase. That trust you build will translate directly into more sales.

    Over time as you build trust with your niche people will come to view you as a trusted authority in the niche. This trust will also translate directly into more sales.

    TOP TIP: The more trust and authority you build the more opportunities you’ll get. And those opportunities can really catapult you into super affiliate status!

Follow these tips as you go through any other training and throughout your career and you can be one of the success stories.

These simple tips are the difference between the 2% who make it big in affiliate marketing and the 98% who quit empty handed.

Keep moving.

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