Using AI For Your Affiliate Marketing Business – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Using AI for your affiliate marketing business is a great time saver. I got in on the Ai train pretty early on. I love AI. I use it for a lot of things. BUT, I don’t use it for my blog posts or content. I am one of those weird people who actually like to write. I get paid to write. So, I use AI only for very specific purposes.

Advantages of Using AI

Ai is a great addition to virtually any business, especially a content marketing affiliate business. Content marketing is a great way to get highly targeted, free, traffic to your offers. But it takes a lot of content. Coming up with content ideas can be hard, AI can help.

AI is fast. You can save a ton of time using AI to help with parts of your affiliate marketing business. Writing a 1000+ word article with AI takes about 40 seconds, writing a 1000+ word article on your own can take hours, or more. But, use the AI generated content as an outline only, rewrite it in your own words, and double check to make sure the information is accurate.

AI can create lists of content ideas. If you don’t know what to write about, use AI to generate a list of ideas for blog posts or video ideas. And, you can even tell the AI to create topic ideas and put them in a content calendar format.

Generate titles and more. You can also use AI to give you ideas for titles, descriptions as well as create video scripts. The AI can access descriptions as well as reviews on popular online retailers and create a synopsis of that information. This can save a ton of time when you’re in research mode for a new piece of content.

Don’t Use AI For This

When I first start using AI I thought I had hit the jackpot. Yay! I could have the AI create dozens, hundreds?, of pieces of content for me and all I had to do was upload it and add some images.


AI has a lot of limitations. The first thing I noticed, I do think this may be getting better though, is that much of the content I had the AI write for me was plagiarized. Yikes, not good.

I quickly learned that I had to rewrite much of the article just to make sure it was original. Eventually I realized that for me the best use of AI is to just provide an outline of a certain topic but I had to completely rewrite it in my own words.

That’s not actually bad, more time consuming yes, but not bad. After all the point of creating content is to build an audience and write in your voice with your words and style. AI doesn’t have a voice, you do.

Some More Limitation of AI

If you’ve never used Ai, I primarily use ChatGPT, you don’t know how “cold” it sounds. True, you can prompt the Ai to write in a more conversational tone, but it still usually misses the mark and comes of sounding odd and weirdly formal.

It is a computer program after all, not human. It doesn’t get nuances.

ChatGPT isn’t connected to the internet. Last time I heard, the programming of the AI was only as recent as 2021. That means that it can’t write on topics or products that are newer than that. I’ve also read stories of how some lawyers tried to use it to write legal briefs and all the information was incorrect.

Another issue with AI, is that it is completely reliant on the prompt you use. The more information you provide the AI, the better the response. It may take you some practice to find quality, detailed prompts that result in the type of information you’re looking for.

There are places online that can provide you with helpful prompts but I’ve found the more detailed the prompt the better the result.

Will AI Affect My Rankings In Search Engines?

First of all I want to be completely transparent – I am in no way an expert on SEO. I have a little understanding of the broad strokes but that’s it.

I do believe there may be a learning curve for the search engines, but I think that they will eventually root out AI and rank human generated content higher.

For example, I suspect that if 2 fairly identical, in terms of length and quality, articles were published, the one that is human would be more likely to rank. Again, that’s just my opinion and I don’t know for sure.


Another thing to consider is that if you’re writing a blog, or creating any other content, you want your visitors to get to know you and trust you. If they think the content you’re creating isn’t yours, it seems likely you wouldn’t build rapport or trust with your audience.

Building trust and rapport with an audience is the whole point of starting a blog and doing content marketing in the first place. Without that, what’s the point?

The Bottom Line

AI is an amazing tool and there are free versions you can use. While not perfect, there are many helpful uses for AI in your affiliate marketing business:

  • Create a content calendar for the month including content ideas
  • Create title, tags and description ideas
  • Create an article outline that you can use to write your article
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Video ideas
  • Video scripts
  • Writing emails

As long as you use AI for inspiration and outlines and then you write in your own words, this amazing technology can make your workday easier.

Also, I think most of us think AI is “smart” but often times the information you get from some AI programs is wrong. Always double check facts and figures that are generated in an AI piece of content.

Use AI to inspire you and speed up the content creation process but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it can, or should, do the work for you!

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