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Project Platinum is a complete system that teaches newbies how to start and grow an affiliate business. It’s also helpful for people who have some experience but have plateaued and want to learn how to scale their business even further.

The system has many testimonials highlighting the successes of past students. Many students are making 6 figures a month.

Robby Blanchard, while not a household name, is very well known online. He is the highest earning Clickbank affiliate in the world.


This is a comprehensive system that gives you all the knowledge and tools you need to build an extremely successful affiliate marketing business. Here is a brief overview of the main components:

  1. Immersive online course
  2. Software, tools and the training to start and scale an affiliate marketing business
  3. The system is set up to allow you to make money immediately and grow form there.
  4. AI software to maximize your output while minimizing the time you spend on your business
  5. Landing page builder so you can build a highly profitable email list. This is the only legal way to “print” money!

Detailed Breakdown

Step 1: Platinum Master Class.
This is the foundation of the program. During this phase you’ll learn how to build a real affiliate business, one that you can scale and possibly pass down to your kids someday. You get all the training and strategies along with cutting edge tools to become a successful affiliate in record time.

Step 2: Automation: All the automation you need to create compelling copy for your landing pages, emails, ads and content. This automation will free up HOURS of your day without sacrificing your upward momentum!

Step 3: Traffic: Let’s face it, no matter how good your business is, you’ll be dead in the water without consistent, targeted traffic. With Project Platinum you’ll Learn where and how to drive all the traffic you’ll ever need. The easy to follow blueprint can show you how to generate enough traffic for hundreds of sales EVERY SINGLE DAY! This alone is worth the price of the program. Once you learn the secrets to successfully drive targeted traffic, you can use that to make money in any niche whenever you choose!

Step 4: Bit Ticket = Big Money: This is the stage were you’ll learn how to promote higher ticket offers. One high ticket offer can result in a huge commission. Easily and quickly pinpoint the best offer to promote and save hours of wasted time doing product research all while optimizing your income potential. Just think how much more money with less time you can make if you are making hundreds with just one sale! What would happen if you make several of those sales a month? A week? A DAY???

Step 5. Private Coaching: Complete access to a private coaching group made up of some very successful affiliates. Pick their brains, or answer other peoples questions. Learn the tips of affiliates who started with nothing, maybe just like you, and are now making 1,000’s of dollars A DAY!

Step 6: Case Studies: Find out the exact steps others have taken to build their business, and follow them. You’ll get access to the case studies that lay out the exact steps these students followed to build a 7 figure affiliate business. Then, use those as a blueprint to increase your affiliate income!

How Much Money Do You Want To Make?

And no, that isn’t a stupid question. Not everyone dreams of private planes and mansions. Some just want enough money to do what they want when they want it. Some want to make sure their family is taken care of. It doesn’t matter what your dream is, building your own affiliate business is the simplest, safest and easiest way to achieve that dream. Just ask someone who invested everything they had in an offline business that failed!


  1. Ticket to an upcoming virtual training event. These tickets can sell for upwards of $1,000 and you get it free! Learn more from people making millions online.
  2. 6 Week Youtube class. Youtube is one of the most important platforms you can use to build your audience and make really good money. Learn all the tips and tactics to make Youtube propel your business upward.
  3. Access to landing pages used by 7 figure earners. The landing pages, and a landing page creator, combine to give you a huge step up when building your email list. A great landing page can help you build an enormous list of hungry buyers. Having access to landing page templates that have a proven record of working exceptionally well is a great time saver and money maker.
  4. Complete access to one of Robby’s other products, Spy Hero. Find out what others are running for ads and use that knowledge to create your own big money ads. You get 30 days access for free.
  5. Access to Cometly. This software is a comprehensive tracking product so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Scale up the things that work and ditch the money sucking ads that don’t work.
  6. Project Platinum app. Yep, you can use this app on IPhone and Android devices. Work your business and learn no matter where you go!

NOTE: During the special launch window, which ends April 6, 2023, you will get lifetime access to the Project Platinum AI. This software saves you loads of time without sacrificing your money making tools. Wait until after the 6th of April and this offer is gone!

About The Creator Of The Program

Robby Blanchard is the real deal by anyones metrics. He has made millions online. If he can do it, he teach you to do it too. He has created other courses in the past and every product has helped many people build profitable line businesses. Learn from the genuine article, not some wannabe “guru”. Robby Blanchard can show you the way.

Bottom Line

Like the previous systems developed my online millionaire Robby Blanchard, this system will give you the tools and training you need to build your own hugely successful online business.

You have two options in pricing:

  1. A one time payment of $2,497
  2. Or you can split it up into 3 monthly payments of $997

It is a higher priced course to be sure. But, the proof is in the pudding. Robby has helped countless students of his to achieve their goal online. And he can help you too. Just putting this knowledge to work might result in making that much in a week, or day!

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