Best Black Executive Desk Review – You’re The Boss, Your Office Should Look Like It!

Welcome to our review of the best black executive desk. We’ve found 4 amazing looking desks that will elevate any office, home or not. You deserve a workspace that reflects your personal style as well as being attractive and comfortable. The desks in this review deliver style, comfort, storage and great looks. All you have to do is choose the desk you like the most!




Zuri Furniture Ford Executive Modern Adjustable Height Desk

XINDAR Modern L-Shaped Wood Excecutive Desk

Bowery Hill Traditional Leather Top Black Executive Desk with File Drawers

Zuri Furniture 79" Modern Ford Executive Desk with Filing Cabinets

There might be differing options about what makes an executive desk. We think it should be spacious, extremely well made and attractive. That was our main criteria for choosing the desks for our review. These desks are all wood, large, and will make any office look like a boss. For each desk we’ve included the specs, general information and pros and cons. We also provide you with a link for each so you can check pricing or make a purchase.

Whether you prefer a modern executive desk or something more traditional, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about our top picks!

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OUR TOP PICK – Best Modern Style Adjustable Desk

best black executive desk zuri

Zuri Furniture Ford Executive Modern Adjustable Desk

  • Use sitting or standing
  • Great modern design
  • Lots of storage

Our first entry, and overall top choice, is the Zuri Furniture Ford Executive Modern Adjustable Height Desk with Right Return and Filing Cabinets. This is, in our opinion, a very good looking black executive desk. And, it is adjustable. We’ve written about the importance of standing occasionally throughout your workday, a push of a button adjustment makes it easy to go from sitting to standing and back again.

This is a really large desk, it has a lot of storage with 4 locking drawers that are big enough for legal size handing folders. Two doors, one in front and one in back, that provides open shelving as well as a place to store your computer tower which opens up room on your desktop.

The desktop is controlled by an electric motor and comes with memory presets so when you find your perfect height for sitting or standing, you just push a button to return to that height.

black executive desk
Large locking drawers, cord management “chain”.


  • Product Dimensions: 71″D x 79″W x 50″H
  • Color: Black Oak
  • Style: Modern
  • Base Material: Wood
  • Finish Type: Wood
  • Special Feature: Lined
  • Number of Drawers: 4
  • Top Material Type: Wood
  • Overall: W 79″ x D 71″ x H 30.5-50″
  • Desktop: W 63″ x D 31.5″ x H 30.5-50″
Use it sitting down
Use it standing up



  • Adjustable height    

  • Great styling

  • Very sturdy

  • Some users complained directions weren't accurate

  • Some users complained of damage during shipping

RUNNER UP – Best Modern Style Sitting Desk

black executive deks xindar

XINDAR Wood Office Modern L-Shape Executive Desk

  • Huge size- 71″D x 95″W x 30″H
  • Bold, eye catching design
  • Solid wood construction

Our next pick is the XINDAR Wood Office Desk, Modern L-Shape Executive Desk with Pedestal Base and Reversible Orientation. I’m not normally a fan of modern furniture, but I am seriously considering this desk for my new office. Stellar styling, huge size not only looks impressive but gives you a lot of storage and a big desktop workspace.

Three tiers provide a lot of storage for your accessories as well as 2 locking storage cabinets with shelves. The solid wood design and the ability to change the orientation of the desk return gives you tons of options for how you arrange your office.

Just look at this desk and tell me it won’t wow all your customers and clients!

This desk is big and heavy and you will need help setting it up.


  • Product Dimensions 71″D x 95″W x 30″H
  • Color: Black
  • Style Modern
  • Base Material: Wood
  • Top Material Type: Wood
  • Reversible Orientation: Yes
  • CPU Storage: Yes
  • Number of Exterior Shelves: 3 ,9
  • Number of Cabinets: 2
  • Locking Cabinet: Yes
  • Number of Interior Shelves: 2



  • Great looking modern design

  • Large workspace

  • Cable management system

  • Heavy needs several people to install it

  • Very large, you'll need a big space

OUR TOP PICK – Best Traditional Style Executive Desk

Bowery Hill Traditional Leather Top Executive Desk

  • Great traditional styling
  • Wood with leather accents
  • 30″H x 76.5″W x 36″D

Our only entry for a traditional style black executive desk is the Bowery Hill Traditional Leather Top Executive Desk with File Drawers in Black Paint Finish with Reddish Brown Rub. If your style is more traditional but you still want a large executive desk, you can’t go wrong.

This timeless style desk will look great in any home office. Constructed of hard wood solids with cherry veneers it is a showpiece. It has 7 drawers which are on ball bearing slides for quiet and effortless access to your office files and accessories. The desk comes with 2 files drawers and 2 pullout writing slides.

Center drawer has a drop down keyboard tray. The desk weight 334 lbs. so you’ll need help getting in and setting it up.

Lots of storage space, 2 pullout writing panels


  • Style: Traditional
  • Number of Drawers: 7
  • Furniture Finish: Black
  • Material: Hardwood solids, cherry veneers, leather
  • Finish: Black, chocolate brown
  • Style: Traditional
  • Product Dimensions: 30″H x 76.5″W x 36″D
  • Product Weight: 334 lbs
Classic inlaid leather detailing



  • Elegant design 

  • Spacious work space 

  • Plenty of storage

  • Traditional style may not be for everyone 

  • Very heavy and hard to move

OUR TOP BUDGET PICK – Best Lower Priced Executive Desk

Zuri Furniture Modern Executive Desk with Filing Cabinets

  • Elegant floating style desktop
  • 4 locking drawers
  • Very large – 32″D x 79″W x 29.5″H

And our final pick is the more budget friendly Zuri Modern Executive Desk with filing cabinets. This desk is modern and elegant and will make a great addition to any office. Four drawers with ball bearing slides gives you tons of storage at your fingertips. A panel complete with wire management ports to keep cords out of sight and out of the way.

Both pedestals have a upper and lower storage drawer. The lower drawers are ready for file folders and will accommodate both legal and letter size folders. A large keyboard tray which can also be used for notepads, makes for a more ergonomic typing experience.


  • Overall: W 79″ x D 32″ x H 29.5″
  • Desktop: W 63″ x D 31.5″ x H 29.5″
  • Black American Oak Wood Veneer with Open Grain Finish
  • Silver Painted Wood Feet
  • 4 Locking Drawers with 2 for Letter or Legal Filing
  • 265 LBS
  • Base Material: Wood
  • Finish Type: Painted Wood,Wood



  • Great looking desk 

  • Very solid 

  • Minimal assembly

  • Feet seem a little flimsy 

  • Heavy

Create A Dream Home Office Without The Price Of A Designer

Hopefully you have your gorgeous executive desk picked out and ready to go, now you might be wondering how to create a perfect space to compliment it. Not to worry. We’ve found the top 4 designer tips to create a dream home office that is comfortable and stylish!

Where to place your black executive desk

According to feng shui you should have your desk placed so your back is to the wall and that you aren’t in the direct line of the doorway. This is what’s referred to as the commanding position. Perfect for you! This is believed to increase your energy level.

Depending on your office layout you can place your desk directly in front of a window for plenty of natural light. You can place your desk so you’re either looking out the window, or your back is to the window. That way you’ll get plenty of natural light shining in on your monitor and desktop.

If you are on video calls often, take into consideration what people on the call will be looking at besides you. You may prefer placing your desk so your back is against a wall rather than a window so there aren’t any people or animals moving around in the background.


Depending on what you do, and whether or not you have office visitors very often, you may want to consider adding supplemental seating. I personally enjoy having a recliner in my office so I can work on my laptop in a more comfortable position. But, if you have clients, or kids, that pop in occasionally, provide them with a place to sit. Also, make sure that whatever chairs you have in your office, are ergonomic.


Bookshelves or filing cabinets are a necessary addition to any home office. As my mom used to say, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”. Having enough storage keeps clutter and chaos at bay… at least a little bit!

Good Light

Plenty of light is important in any office especially if you spend a lot of time on your computer. Eye strain is a real issue and poor lighting can compound it. Desk lamps, overhead lights and natural light can all be layered to provide the perfect lighting.

The Best Black Executive Desk Review – The Bottom Line

Ok, that’s it. We found 4 desks that are gorgeous and perfect for any executive. Our review includes both modern and more traditional design, so something for most everyone. Each desk is very large, made of wood, and very heavy. They are all stunning in their own way so it’s up to you which style will fit best in your office and with your current decor.

Each desk is manufactured by reputable companies and should last for years. There are some differences in not only looks but functionality well. The biggest different among the desks we reviewed is that one of them, the Zuri Furniture Ford Executive Modern Adjustable Desk, is adjustable so you can use it when standing or sitting.

I’m sure that whatever desk you choose your productivity will skyrocket! Well, maybe not, you might spend a little too much time admiring your new office! Enjoy.

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