Is Your Email Overwhelming You? AI Can Save You Hours Every Week

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SaneBox is an ai tool designed to easily control your email inbox. It will automatically prioritize and filter various emails. And, it doesn’t just send emails to spam either. It will put various emails in specific folders until you decide what to do with them.

This short video shows you how easy it can be to take control of your email inbox:

SaneBox works with most major email providers. And it won’t delete or move any emails to the spam folder unless you tell it to.

Here are some of the main features:

  1. Email Filtering: SaneBox can filters your emails automatically. Once you set it up, you can tell it what folders to put your emails into.
  2. Priority Inbox: SaneBox knows which emails you really want to see and keeps them at the top.
  3. Reminders: You can even get reminders to reach out to someone again if they haven’t responded to your email.
  4. Do Not Disturb: When you’re exceptionally busy, you know a normal Tuesday, you can set Sanebox up to temporarily hold all emails that aren’t urgent.
  5. Digests: Unlike the spam filter on some email providers which get rid of emails you might have wanted to see, SaneBox sends you a daily or weekly summary of unimportant emails, reducing clutter in your inbox but giving you the option of looking them over.
  6. Blackhole: And, if there are some emails you never want to see, you can send them to the blackhole, automatically!


  1. Free Trial: You can see if SaneBox is the right tool for you with their free trial.
  2. Saves Time: Everything is sorted for you based on your preferences. Your important messages are right at the top of your list
  3. No More Cluttered Inbox: By moving various types of emails into folders your inbox is kept un-cluttered so an important email never gets lost in the crowd.
  4. You Can Customize Your Filters: You can customize the filters based on your preferences so the AI will adapt to what you need.
  5. Integration: You can use Sanebox with most email services like Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.,
  6. Reminder Features: Reminds your email hasn’t gotten a response.
  7. Blackhole Feature: (I love this one!) Unsubscribe from senders you really don’t want to hear from again!
  8. Weekly Updates : You get summary emails of emails that aren’t as important so you never miss out but you don’t get interrrupted either.


  1. Learning Curve: SaneBox is very user friendly but like any new tool, you need to set it up to your perference.
  2. Not for Everyone: If you don’t get overwhelmed with too much email, you probably don’t need Sanebox!


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