10 Blog Niches That Get Traffic And Make Money – And Not Just Blogging Tips Blogs!

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A lot of people are intrigued with the idea of starting a blog. The problem is that most people think the only way to make money blogging is to blog about blogging! Whew, what a sentence!

You often hear that you should follow your passion and blog about what you know and love.

That’s not bad advice but it’s only half of the truth.

If you’re passionate about something that’s fairly obscure and doesn’t have a lot of other passionate followers, it will be tough going to make money in that niche.

So, ideally you want a niche that you are passionate about AND that has tons of other passionate people who actually buy products and services in that niche.

If your passion doesn’t meet these criteria, you should keep looking. Your passion alone isn’t enough to make a living if only a few others share it…or if they don’t spend a lot of money on it.

Here are the top 10 niches you can make money with. These niches are very competitive and have tons of competition, but hat’s not necessarily a bad thing. If there is no competition, there are no potential customers in that niche.

But you can do well even in a competitive niche. All you have to do is to target a sub-niche within a broader niche. For example, instead of a diet blog, why not a diet blog for women (or men) over 50? That is still a huge number of potential customers but it’s more specific than just “diet.”

All the niches in this article can be monetized with either physical products, digital products (and in most cases, both) and Adsense.

Check out these 10 blog niches that get traffic and make money:

Health & Fitness

This can include all types of products or services. You can focus mostly on exercise, but include articles on diet. Or you can focus mostly on the diet side and add in a few exercise articles.

You can monetize this niche with both digital products – cookbooks, recipes, videos, and physical products like cooking gadgets.

Health & Fitness is a huge, lucrative niche!

Make Money Online

People want to make more money, that’s a very common desire and many of them want to be able to do it from home. This is perfect for parents, that’s why so many make money blogs are targeted to new moms (or dads).

But there are also many other groups of people who are interested in learning how to make money online from home- college students, grandparents, retirees, etc.

By targeting down to a certain group, you can create unique content with them in mind. This is a great way to set yourself apart from competitors.


People love dreaming of taking trips. Even if they never actually take the trip, they love looking at pictures and reading about travel. Again, you can niche this down – create a blog about traveling with kids, or a blog about traveling as a single person or older adult.

Monetize with physical products – travel pillows, noise cancelling headphones, suitcases or digital product like e-Readers and audio files.


There are a lot of people who love to sew, knit, quilt, etc. These people tend to spend a lot of money on patterns, tools, and books.

You can easily create either written or video blog post tutorials. You can also add ‘how to’ articles and photos of finished projects.

Monetize with Adsense, physical products and digital patterns and tutorial books.

Love to sew or craft? So do a lot of other people!


People go crazy for sports. A blog about golf, tennis, basketball, etc. can do very well. Identify questions or problems people have in a certain sport – how they can improve their putting for example, and create content that shows them how to solve that problem.

You can monetize this niche with digital tutorials as well as physical products for that sport.

Money & Finance

People are always interested in how to make more money and how to get their money to work for them. Creating a blog that provides tips on investing, improving a credit score, or how to save money on everyday items can be very profitable.

Food & Wine

A blog that provides helpful tips for cooking can become very popular. If you want to drill down, you could focus on a certain nationality of food – Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean, etc.

You can create content – articles or videos, that show how to cook a particular dish step by step.

Wine is also a very popular topic. Create content on different kinds of wines, how to pick a wine, food and wine pairings, etc.


Parenting is another potentially huge market. Parents are always looking for advice and to share stories about their kids. If you wanted to find a sub-niche you could focus in on a certain age group – newborns, school age, high school, etc.

There are a lot of digital products you can promote in this niche such as e books and training courses about child rearing. There are also a lot of physical products such as books, car seats, backpacks, kids room items, highchairs. You name it, the possibilities are practically endless.

Personal Development

This “self help” niche is another huge niche with tons of potential. Again, you want to drill down to a sub-niche. Focus on things like staying positive, building up your self respect, business success, etc.

Books, audios, and courses are great ways to monetize this niche. You can even create your own courses and books to sell.

Fashion & Beauty

And last, but not least, the fashion and beauty field. Styles change every year so updating your blog is easy. You can provide makeover type videos, highlight which fashions work best for a certain body type, etc.

And you can create make up makeover videos. Create how to videos or articles on the proper way to apply makeup and what colors are suited to what skin types, etc.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there is no shortage of profitable niches you can create a blog around. There are also many ways to monetize these niches.

The hard part may well be to take action and get started. But remember, if you want to live the “interest lifestyle” you need to start. Start now!

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