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Blogging Mistakes You’re Making – Top 5 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Starting a blog to make money online? Good for you! Most people never get that far. But, if you’re making these common blogging mistakes you won’t make a penny.

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Here are the top 5 blogging mistakes you don’t know you’re making:

One Extreme Or The Other

Bloggers, especially new bloggers, tend to go to one extreme or the other in terms of using keywords in their articles.

They put so many keywords in that the article doesn’t read naturally and will turn people off. Or, they don’t put any keywords in their article at all.

Add keywords in your title and throughout your article, where it makes sense and sounds natural. Also, add keywords to the Alt Text section of any photos you upload for added keyword ooomph!

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Not Grabbing Their Interest

Many people online today have the attention span of a gnat. They skim, they rarely read every word you’ve written and they’ll click away from your article in record time if you’ve not provided a little white space.

One long block of text is intimidating and people won’t read it. Break up your text with spaces, images, subheadings, bullet points and plenty of white space.

If reading your articles seems like it will be a lot of work, no one will read. This is one of the easiest blogging mistakes to avoid!

No Pictures

make money blogging

Add attractive, eye catching images to your posts. At least one. Depending on the topic, you can add more throughout the article.

Lighten Up

You aren’t writing for a university or other professional organizations, you’re writing for real people. And real people, no matter how intelligent they are, don’t like to wade through tons of jargon, or unnecessarily big words.

Write like you talk, keep your writing casual and conversational. A trick to ensure your writing is easy to read, is to read your article out loud to yourself.

Does it flow? Are there awkward sentences? If so, clean them up. If it’s easy to read out loud, it’ll be easy for others to read to themselves!

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The most common blogging mistake is to be inconsistent in publishing new posts. To be a successful blogger you need to build an audience. In order for people to visit your blog regularly, you need to provide them with a steady stream of content that they’re interested in.

To ensure steady content creation, make a content calendar. Take a day once a month (or once a week if that works better) and plan out your content for the month, or week.

Figure out what topics you’re going to write about. Do keyword research for those topics. Figure out the days and times you’ll publish. Add all this to a spreadsheet file or on a legal pad. It doesn’t matter, just do it.

This makes the whole writing process a lot easier. Nothing is more daunting than sitting down to a blank screen with no idea what you’re going to write about!

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