50 Best Prompts For AI

Here is a list of the most commonly requested help from ChatGPT. These topics are for both work and personal issues. I’ve included the best prompts to use in order to get the most accurate results.

If you need to add more details to any prompt, such as a specific word length for a blog post, you can simply add something like “Make the post between 1,000 and 1,500 words in length”.


Prompts for Work-Related Tasks

  1. Writing and Editing:
    • “Please draft an email to [recipient] about [subject].”
    • “Can you create a report on [topic] with the following details: [details]?”
    • “Proofread the attached document for any grammatical or spelling errors.”
    • “Write an article about [topic] for our blog, focusing on [specific aspect].”
    • “Compose a business proposal for [project] including [key points].”
  2. Data Analysis:
    • “Analyze this dataset on [topic] and provide insights on [specific aspect].”
    • “Create a chart/graph illustrating [data points] from this dataset.”
    • “Interpret the statistical data related to [topic] and summarize the findings.”
    • “Summarize the results of this survey on [topic] and highlight key trends.”
    • “Perform market research on [industry/competitor] and compile the findings.”
  3. Project Management:
    • “Plan a project for [task] and outline the key steps involved.”
    • “Create a timeline for [project] with milestones and deadlines.”
    • “Set up milestones for [project] and define deliverables for each stage.”
    • “Track the progress of [project] and provide a status update.”
    • “Manage the resources for [project] and ensure all tasks are allocated properly.”
  4. Research:
    • “Find academic articles on [topic] and summarize their key points.”
    • “Summarize this research paper on [topic] highlighting the main findings.”
    • “Gather industry insights on [topic] and compile a report.”
    • “Conduct a competitive analysis of [competitor] and provide a comparison.”
    • “Compile a literature review on [topic] including [number] of sources.”
  5. Technical Support:
    • “Troubleshoot this software issue with [software name] and provide a solution.”
    • “Provide coding help for [language] to achieve [specific goal].”
    • “Explain the technical concept of [topic] in simple terms.”
    • “Assist with the installation of [software/hardware] and ensure it’s set up correctly.”
    • “Help debug this code snippet in [programming language] to fix [issue].”
  6. Presentations:
    • “Design slides for a presentation on [topic] with the following key points: [points].”
    • “Structure a presentation on [subject] including an introduction, body, and conclusion.”
    • “Add speaker notes to the presentation slides for [topic].”
    • “Create visual aids for a presentation on [topic], focusing on [aspect].”
    • “Enhance the aesthetics of this presentation on [topic] with better graphics and layout.”
  7. Marketing and SEO:
    • “Develop a marketing strategy for [product/service] targeting [audience].”
    • “Create social media content for [platform] about [topic/event].”
    • “Conduct keyword research for [topic] and provide a list of targeted keywords.”
    • “Write an SEO-friendly article on [topic] incorporating [keywords].”
    • “Analyze web traffic for [website] and suggest improvements.”
  8. Financial Analysis:
    • “Create a budget for [project/department] with estimated costs and revenues.”
    • “Analyze the financial statements for [company] and provide insights.”
    • “Develop a financial model to forecast [financial metric] over [time period].”
    • “Perform a cost-benefit analysis for [project/decision] considering [factors].”
    • “Prepare an investment report on [company/industry] including key financial metrics.”
  9. Administrative Support:
    • “Schedule a meeting with [person/department] for [date and time].”
    • “Organize these files related to [project/topic] in a structured manner.”
    • “Manage the contact list for [department/team] and update any changes.”
    • “Write meeting minutes for the meeting on [date] and highlight key decisions.”
    • “Handle customer inquiries regarding [product/service] and provide appropriate responses.”
  10. HR and Recruitment:
    • “Draft a job description for the position of [job title] with the following requirements: [requirements].”
    • “Screen resumes for the position of [job title] and shortlist suitable candidates.”
    • “Prepare interview questions for candidates applying for [job title].”
    • “Conduct preliminary interviews with candidates for [job title] and assess their suitability.”
    • “Onboard new employees for [department] and ensure they have all necessary resources.”

Personal Use Tasks

  1. Writing:
    • “Compose a personal letter to [recipient] about [topic].”
    • “Write a creative story with the following plot: [plot details].”
    • “Draft a speech for [event] on the topic of [subject].”
    • “Create a resume highlighting experience in [field/industry].”
    • “Write a cover letter for a job application to [company] for the position of [job title].”
  2. Learning and Education:
    • “Explain the concept of [topic] in simple terms.”
    • “Provide homework help for a [subject] assignment on [topic].”
    • “Tutor me in [subject] focusing on [specific area].”
    • “Summarize the book [title] by [author] highlighting the main points.”
    • “Offer study tips for preparing for exams in [subject].”
  3. Health and Fitness:
    • “Create a workout plan for [fitness goal] that includes [types of exercises].”
    • “Provide nutritional advice for maintaining a healthy diet.”
    • “Suggest healthy recipes that include [ingredients].”
    • “Explain the medical condition [condition] and its common treatments.”
    • “Offer mental health tips for managing [stress/anxiety/depression].”
  4. Travel Planning:
    • “Recommend travel destinations for a [type of trip] to [region].”
    • “Create an itinerary for a [number]-day trip to [destination].”
    • “Find accommodation options in [city] within [budget].”
    • “Suggest activities to do in [destination] that cater to [interests].”
    • “Provide a packing list for a trip to [destination] considering [weather/activities].”
  5. Entertainment:
    • “Recommend movies and TV shows similar to [title/genre].”
    • “Suggest books to read that are like [title/genre].”
    • “Find interesting podcasts about [topic].”
    • “Create a playlist for [event/mood] featuring [genre/artist].”
    • “Provide game recommendations for [platform/type].”
  6. Home and Lifestyle:
    • “Offer home organization tips for [space/room].”
    • “Suggest DIY projects for [purpose/occasion].”
    • “Provide cleaning hacks for [task/problem].”
    • “Give gardening advice for growing [plant/vegetable].”
    • “Offer interior design tips for decorating [room/space].”
  7. Cooking and Recipes:
    • “Share a recipe for [dish] that includes [ingredients].”
    • “Suggest a meal plan for [dietary preference] for [duration].”
    • “Provide cooking tips for making [type of cuisine/dish].”
    • “Explain the cooking technique for [method].”
    • “Recommend kitchen gadgets that are useful for [type of cooking].”
  8. Technology Help:
    • “Assist with setting up [device] and ensure it’s working properly.”
    • “Provide app recommendations for [purpose/need].”
    • “Troubleshoot the tech issue I’m having with [device/app].”
    • “Explain how to use [new technology/feature].”
    • “Offer cybersecurity tips to protect against [threat].”
  9. Finance and Budgeting:
    • “Create a personal budget for [time period] considering [income/expenses].”
    • “Provide saving tips for [goal] within [time frame].”
    • “Offer investment advice for [amount] in [type of investment].”
    • “Explain the financial concept of [term] and how it applies to [situation].”
    • “Help with tax questions related to [situation] and explain [tax term].”
  10. Relationship Advice:
    • “Offer communication tips for discussing [issue] with [person].”
    • “Provide conflict resolution strategies for handling [situation].”
    • “Give dating advice for [situation].”
    • “Suggest activities for couples that enjoy [interest/hobby].”
    • “Offer family relationship tips for dealing with [issue/situation].”

It’s important to keep some things in mind when using AI:

  • Some AI programs are better for some tasks than others
  • You need to verify the information you get, it’s not 100% accurate
  • Depending on what you’re using AI for, you may need to do extensive rewrites. Search engines seem to be penalizing blog posts that rely heavily on AI

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