8 SEO Tips For More Free Traffic

Getting tons of highly targeted free traffic is what everyone wants. Using these SEO tips will help you get your share.

Hands down one of the best free sources for highly targeted website traffic are search engines. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is such an important skill to learn.

You’re already familiar with seo even if you don’t realize it. The last time you typed a word or phrase into your browser to find something online you were relying on seo to bring you the best results.

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The websites that came up on the first page of results were the ones who optimized their content and used these SEO tips with the same keywords you searched for.

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Simple in theory…

Finding the right keyword can generate tons of free, targeted traffic. And, it can continue to do so virtually indefinitely.

The traffic is so targeted because the person coming to your website via search is doing so after they used the same keyword you had in your content.

In other words, their search directly matches what you’re offering!

Of course, it’s not always easy to find the exact keyword to rank for. Most of the keywords you want to use are already being used by your competitors. Because of this, it may be very difficult for your site to show up on page one of results due to all that competition.

Still, its well worth your time to learn more about SEO and to find ways around that pesky competition!

These tips will help give you an edge and improve your SEO strategy:

Quality Content

Content is king… still. That saying about content being king has been around for a long time because it’s true. At the end of the day, search engines want to ensure that their customers (people using their search engines to find information online) get good results.

Search engines have developed algorithms that are increasingly complex and are better at detecting “good” quality content rather than a “keyword stuffed” fluff piece. No matter what type of content you create – articles, videos, etc. create great content that can genuinely help your visitors solve a problem or learn a skill.

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Yes, sprinkle the keywords you are trying to target throughout your content, but most importantly create helpful, well written content that people will enjoy and that is congruent with the keywords you are using.

Mobile Friendly

SEO tips

Ensure your website is mobile friendly. This has been a big criteria for several years.

Today, over 50% of people doing online searches are doing so from a mobile device. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile you’re missing out.

And, no search engine is going to reward you with high rankings, even if you have stellar content and are keyword optimized, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile.

Add Videos

Create video content. One of the things search engines look for when ranking sites, beyond keywords and mobile friendly, is the bounce rate.

A bounce rate is defined as: “the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.” You want your website visitors to stay on your site for as long as possible, and navigate to multiple pages… and that’s what search engines want to see too.

Adding helpful content in the form of entertaining videos is a great way to keep people on your site longer, and to keep them coming back more often.

And, many online sites aren’t using video yet, so this is a great way to increase your reach even in a competitive market. The best option is to mix your content – some video, some infographics, some articles, etc. All are keyword optimized of course!

Become An Authority

SEO tips

Part of the equation for good seo is authority. The search engines want to know who is creating the content on your site.

Search engines like the idea of experts creating quality content for their website visitors. So, to let search engines know your site is legit and to learn a little about who you are, always include these pages – A detailed “About” page, a contact page, privacy policy and terms of services pages as well as links to any sources you quote in your content.

Eye Catching Images

Content may be king but visual impact is queen. Always include several attractive, eye-catching photos with your content. This is also helpful when you post your content on visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Active Community

SEO tips

Encourage visitors to leave a comment. Search engines consider content that has a lot of comments to be a great indication of an active community.

And, to them, that means your site has great information that will help their customers get the answers and info they are searching for. Everyone wins!

Fast Load Times

Make sure you website is loading fast. Believe it or not, the speed at which your web pages load is part of the equation as to how well your site will rank.

You can do a free speed test for your site. Just go online and search for “website speed test”.

If your site is too slow, reach out to your hosting company or web designer to find ways to increase the speed.

Stay Up To Date

SEO is a complex issue and one that changes. To continue to optimize all you content for seo make sure you keep up to date with the changes.

It’s a good idea to periodically “prune” your content and make sure that only the best content is presented to your website visitors. Doing so will optimize your websites rankings well into the future!

Reach Out

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