How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Pinterest – 5 Steps

Learning how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog is one of the simplest ways to get tons of highly targeted traffic without going broke paying for ads.

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Since traffic is the lifeblood of any blog in any niche, finding economical and efficient ways to get that traffic is your main goal.

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Use this step by step tutorial and drive traffic to your blog for free:

STEP 1: Open Your Pinterest Account

If you already have a Pinterest account, make sure you change it to a business account.

If you’re signing up to Pinterest for the first time, sign up for a business account right from the start –

It’s free.

STEP 2: Set Up Your Profile & Boards

Add your name and fill out your profile completely. I recommend using your personal name even if your blog is in a company name since this personal touch will make it easier for you to connect with your followers.

Once your profile is set up, create 10 boards. Each board will be on a certain subject or product from your website.

For example, if your website sells gardening supplies you could create a board for soil additives, a board for pest control products, a board for handheld gardening tools, etc.

Once you have 10 boards created, go through Pinterest and find other accounts in your niche. Then go through their boards and find pins that are congruent with your boards.

drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest

For example, for your board on soil additives from my example above, find pins on other peoples boards about soil additives. Add 10 of their pins to your board. Then move on to your next board and do the same thing.

Also, once your blog has 10 or more posts, create one more board and call it “Best of

On this board you will only add your pins from your own blog content.

That’s it. You have the start of a great Pinterest account!

STEP 3: Get Followers

The process I have used to get followers on Pinterest is this: I find an account in my niche that has a lot of followers. Then I go through their list of followers and I follow each of them.

It’s a numbers game. Many of those people will follow you back, some won’t. But doing this consistently everyday for several weeks will get you a decent number of followers.

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Don’t try to follow too many at once, Pinterest may not like that. Instead, go through and follow about 15-20 at a time. You can do this several times throughout your day. I’d recommend not going over 100 a day. That’s the way I’ve done it and I’ve never had any problems.

By following people who are already following other leaders in your niche, you will build a huge following of people who actually have an interest in your product or service!

That’s important.

NOTE: If you do this for several weeks, you will eventually have a lot more people you are following than are following you. This can look a little wonky.

An easy fix is to wait 7-10 days after you follow someone, then go back and un-follow them.

To do this accurately you will want to create a spreadsheet of each person you’ve followed complete with the url to their Pinterest account.

Then after the 7-10 day period, go through that list and unfollow them. That way your ratio of those you follow to those who follow you won’t be so unbalanced.

Using this method will allow you to get to 50+ followers very quickly. So, to re-cap – at this point you will have 10 boards with 10 pins each and at least 50 followers. You should be able to accomplish this in about a week or two.

Now you have a legitimate looking Pinterest profile. Time to start leveraging that.

STEP 4: Create Really Great Pins

To get the most out of using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, never lose sight of what Pinterest is all about.

Pinterest is a visual medium, so give people on that platform what they want!

Creating a great pin is really simple, go to and use their free Pinterest pin templates. Make the changes in text, colors, images, etc. that you need but the foundation is already there.

When you upload your pin to Pinterest, you have to include a title and a description. If you do it properly, these will help you get more traction with your pin.

Your title should be compelling to grab attention or pique curiosity. You want your title to make your pin hard to resist clicking on!

The same holds true with your description – use curiosity or ask a question. Try to make the pin irresistible so they feel like they have to repin it!

For both the title and the description, use keywords relevant to the topic of your pin. To find good keyword ideas just go to the search bar on Pinterest and type in your keyword phrase. You will see other ideas pop up under the main search bar, many of these can also be used in your title or description.

A word of caution though, while keywords in the title and description are very important, don’t get carried away. Your title and description should be fairly short and to the point. One or two keywords or phrases is plenty per pin!

STEP 5: Leverage Pinterest

This is the step that will really make a big difference in using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Without this technique, it will take a lot longer to see any real results and increases in traffic!

Use a service called Tailwind to pre-schedule pins (a huge time saver!) and to exponentially increase the number of views your pins get.

In addition to the scheduling feature, Tailwind has something called tribes and this is the best way to leverage all your Pinterest efforts.

Pick up to 5 tribes that are in your niche. Then, when you pin your tribe members pins to your boards, the people in that tribe will pin your pins to their boards. You scratch their back, they scratch yours kind of a thing.

Just think how much more exposure each of your pins can get this way. Even if only one tribe member re-pinned one of your pins you could get exponentially more exposure if that tribe member has a ton of followers!

Final Tips

This is an incredibly effective way to drive traffic to your blog. And not just any traffic either, highly targeted traffic.

The only downside is that this method will take a few weeks to get off the ground. Just be consistent, keep adding followers, keep re-pinning pins from your Tailwind tribe members and you will see results.

Free traffic gives you more money in your pocket each month so don’t ignore the possibilities!

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